Puori PW1 Bourbon Vanilla


PW1 Bourbon Vanilla

Organic whey protein concentrate with real vanilla seeds.
Proteins are the building blocks for your muscles. After a hard workout, you need protein to recover and rebuild the muscles you worked. Puori PW1 is a organic, clean whey protein for everyone who wants to maintain, tone, and build their body stronger and leaner.
Puori Whey is derived from milk from organic cows and free from GMO, hormone treatment, pesticides, and chemicals. It has a naturally high content of the amino acid leucine that helps your body maintain and build muscle mass after you lift, run or workout.
It’s not easy to find a protein with a clean ingredient list, but for PW1 it was our passion project. It’s made with organic whey and flavored with real Nordic blackcurrants. It is sweetened with a little bit of coconut palm sugar which is low on the glycemic scale. Enjoy post-workout or as a meal with fresh fruits or shaken with water.

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